Good Intentions

I’ve just read an email from a woman who is running a horse rescue near me.  While her intentions are grand and she has helped several horses, her good deeds have been very difficult.  She is working hard – mostly on her own – and draining her own finances to run this small rescue.  Other people have not only taken advantage of her, but have then abandoned their own horses and stopped paying their bills which has only added to her work load, financial demands and stress level.

The cries to stop the slaughter of horses continue.  The supporters of “ban the slaughter” have good intentions. Yet, there is no abating the flow of unwanted, neglected, abandoned and abused horses.  Breeding continues at an amazing pace. It seems that, although there are many people wanting to help these animals,  there simply aren’t enough resources available.  Some rescues have gone out of business as the organizers simply have run out of funds or have burnt out physically and mentally from the strain.

My own barn is full and none of the horses who live here will ever end up at the slaughter house. When the time comes, they will be given a more dignified and humane death.  But, for many that simply is not an option.  Euthanasia and disposal of the corpse are not inexpensive.  So, what are the options if you can’t afford to keep your horse and you can’t afford to humanely euthanize your horse?  You can surrender her to a rescue (if they have room) or the Humane Society.  Although, some of these organizations now charge a fee to take the horse to help defray their costs.  You can sell your horse at an auction and hope for the best.  You can sell your horse to the “meat man” and know where she is going.

If you are thinking of buying a horse, or you already own one, do you have a plan for what will happen to your horse if your financial situation changes, you have to move and can’t take your horse with you, or in case of your death.  Think about it.  Make a plan.

If you have a spare stall in your barn & can afford to look after one more horse, why not adopt or foster a horse from the nearest rescue.  If you don’t have the room or finances to afford taking on a horse, consider making a donation of money, time or supplies to a rescue or maybe even running a fund raising event to support the rescue.  Giving is reciprocal.


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