Leave Your Ego at the Door

I am not a fan of colt starting competitions which seem to be such a big draw at the larger expos. It is difficult to be in any type of competition without ego coming play – especially when the competition is between well known trainers and the outcome can affect their reputations.  Starting young horses should be done with patience and empathy with a focus on building trust, respect and confidence through out the process.  This training is, after all, the foundation for all future training for the youngster.

This video was taken at the recent Road to the Horse http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ug1a1zUtQwg

In any type of training, quality is much more important than quantity.  Having the horse feel better at the end of the session than he did before it started is the only goal anyone should have in time spent with their horses.   If ego is not involved, what’s the rush?  If the horse really matters, lets see these trainers walk their talk and stop participating in these training for entertainment competitions.

Good riding and good training are not a destination.  It is a journey.  Whatever you are doing with your horse – whatever stage of training you may be at – I hope that you and your horse both enjoy the journey.


2 thoughts on “Leave Your Ego at the Door

  1. Would you want to marry someone after the first date?
    Would you want a doctor who trained the fastest?
    Would you want a house that was built the quickest?
    Do you nourish yourself with fast food or slow food?
    So why would quick results ever make for good horse training? It’s poor horsemanship and bad entertainment.

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