Friday July 1, 2011 Spyder Returns to the Show Ring

Here’s a photo of Spyder (Remember Spyder Man) and me in the Aged Geldings Halter Class at the Summerama Quarter Horse show a few weeks ago. This was a significant event as it marked Spyder’s return to the show ring after 3 years. When I first met Spyder, he was so fearfully aggressive and explosive that he had injured his owner while being walked from the barn to the paddock.

Spyder’s lack of trust in humans and lack of self confidence made him a dangerous horse. Fortunately for him, his owner was willing to invest the time and resources necessary to rehabilitate this beautiful animal. Both Spyder and his owner needed training to help them regain trust and respect for each other. As Spyder learned to trust again, his confidence grew. He became less reactive and began thinking more. At the same time, his owner learned how to read his body language, recognize when his stress was building and pro-actively bring him back to feeling calm.

Getting Spyder to the show was a significant break through. And it was good to see him looking to his owner for security as well as seeing her being able to give him what he needed while in that stressful environment.

When you put yourself and your horse in good hands, and learn to give your horse what he needs, the results are amazing!

Anne Gage
Confident Horsemanship
Putting you & your horse in good hands.


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