Horse Training – A Stress-free First Ride

It has been too long since I posted a new blog entry. I’ve been working on some other projects between looking after the horses at home and working with clients. In lieu of a written blog, I wanted to share this 3 minute video I just put together of the first ride I put on Phoenix, a 7 year old warmblood mare a few days ago.

I put a second ride on Phoenix a 3 days later.  She was a bit more distracted on this day probably because of the dramatic weather change and one of her herd mates calling to her. But, she was still ok with me getting on her back.  She seemed uncomfortable when I asked her to move which she expressed by swishing her tail and kicking up one hind leg towards her belly.  I listened to her behaviour and stopped what I was asking.  We had put a brand new white saddle pad on for that session.  So, I could easily see the pressure marks from the saddle on the pad.  It clearly showed that there was uneven pressure with more on the back and little on the front.   Of course that would be uncomfortable for her.  Before the next ride, I will try a different saddle that, hopefully, will be a better fit.

I’ll be posting updates about her progress here and on my Facebook page

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Anne Gage
Confident Horsemanship

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