Saying Good-Bye to Sadie

Yesterday, we said good-bye to our sweet, sweet Sadie.

Sweet Sadie

Sweet Sadie Dec 25, 2000 – Aug 2, 2013


Those of you who knew Sadie also knew how accident prone she was and that I didn’t expect her to make it past the age of 2 years.

She had a broken foot at a few months old when she was stepped on by a horse.  She was run over by a horse and a car (our car in our driveway) and our tractor (nothing broken in any of those incidents).  She had a shattered jaw when she was kicked in the head by a horse – yet she never lost her herding instinct and would get in way too close to their hind legs.

Her barking drove me crazy at times.  She alerted us (by barking) when the horses played, ran or rolled.  It was her job to keep order on the farm (in her mind anyway).  As she lost her hearing, she didn’t bark so much.  But still I feel the silence today.

Sadie Oct 2012Sadie loved everyone she met and welcomed visitors and friends alike.  Everyone who met her commented on her sweet looks and sweet nature.  If everyone treated people and other animals the way Sadie did the world would be a much more peaceful and wonderful place.

I am grateful to have had her in our  lives for 12 1/2 years.  And at the same time I feel like it wasn’t long enough.

There is a Collie shaped hole in my heart.Sadie portrait


9 thoughts on “Saying Good-Bye to Sadie

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, I know personally how that collie (or other loved one) shaped hole leaves an ache that only dim a little as time goes by, but never really goes away. Feeling my own ache as you experience yours… because we are all connected in our love for animals…

  2. My heart aches for you Anne. Sadie is beautiful! I know this sense of loss all to well, seems like dogs are “on loan” to us for such a short time. This week marks one year since I lost my beloved GSD Sheba. Sadie is running free in a place where she will never be run over or stepped on again…and she will wait for you…

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  3. “With her quiet dignity
    and her gentle smile
    she left a feeling of saddness
    to live amongst the blessed.
    But don’t be maudlin for too long
    for she will live in the joyous memories
    which in time will bring upon a gentle smile
    and a gift from her experience you can live with her quiet dignity.
    Don’t feel too sad,
    well only for a while.
    Then learn the memories of her gentle smile”
    Love, light and Bright Blessings

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