Meet Anne

Anne Gage

Too many horse people are missing out. They’ve lost their passion for riding – maybe even stopped riding all together – because they’ve lost their confidence.

Well, what I do is help you regain your CONFIDENCE and PASSION while building the PARTNERSHIP with your horse that you both deserve.

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Don’t you wish someone could wave a magic wand … so you could regain your confidence, not work so hard and enjoy riding your horse again?  Wouldn’t it be amazing if Anne coachingyou and your horse were so connected that he responded as soon as you thought what you wanted him to do?  Then you could both just have fun – and enjoy your time together.

Do you want to have an amazing partnership with your horse?  A relationship where you trust, respect and have confidence in each other? You know the kind of partnership where you both enjoy the experience of being together – whether that’s just spending time grooming and grazing, riding down the trail, in the arena or in the show ring?

Or does it feel like there’s something missing?  Maybe it’s a special bond you thought you would have with your horse – but he feels disconnected from you.  Maybe you’re even a bit afraid of him.  Maybe there’s a lack of trust or respect.  Maybe you’ve even stopped riding – coming up with all kinds of excuses why you can’t do it.

Riding is a journey not a destination.  Good horse people know that there is always more to learn – that riding and understanding horses (and ourselves) is an evolution.  Allow me to help you and your horse along your journey together. I help you understand your horse so that you can become the rider your horse deserves; and then, he can become the horse you want.  I help you understand the mental side of riding and horsemanship.  I help you become a better horse person as well as a better rider.  And, I help you to help your horse to perform at his best.

Want to find out more?  Click here to get your Free Instant Access to my report “The 3 Most Important Skills You Need to Develop Confidence With Horses”.

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Enjoy your journey.

“In an industry often known for deception and quick fixes, Anne Gage stands out as a figure of integrity and an advocate of the horse.  An experienced horse person, but a bit rusty after a few years off, I was nervous and lacking the confidence to deal with the behaviour problems my horse was exhibiting.

Anne has not only facilitated a relationship of mutual trust and respect between me and my horse but taught me to be a better rider and a critically thinking horsewoman.  I have learned that much of what I was previously taught about riding was incorrect and I have seen and felt the amazing difference in the horse when my riding has been correct.

Anne’s style of coaching is always patient and supportive of horse and rider.  She works in the moment addressing what is needed most rather than working to a set lesson plan.  She understands that we all learn in different ways and is interested in helping you in the way that you need it most whether it is by explanation, demonstration or just by doing.  She knows how to strike a balance between being informative and teaching while also allowing a student the freedom to make their own discoveries.  Each lesson I have with Anne leaves me excited and aware of my potential and I can’t wait for the next one!”

Alison Graham ~ Grey/Bruce, Ontario


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