Virtual Lessons and Training

Virtual Training with Anne Gage

Do you want help with your riding or training but live too far from the nearest instructor?

I want to help you! 

It is possible for you to have personalized training and coaching for you and your horse from Anne Gage no matter where you live or ride.

Anne wants to help as many horse people as possible improve their riding and horsemanship skills, regardless of where they live. She meets people at her clinics and workshops that are frustrated with not having regular access to coaching or training within a reasonable driving distance.

You want to improve your riding or horsemanship; or work through “sticky spots” or behavioural issues in the training process.  So, you’ve read the books and articles and watched the videos. Those resources can all be very helpful, but there is no substitute for personal feedback and training suggestions for you and your horse.

All you need is a horse, a place to work or ride your horse and a video camera or smart phone.

  • Improve Ground work
  • Improve Riding
  • Resolve Behavioural issues

Make a short video (maximum 15 minutes) of you working with your horse.  Upload it to YouTube as a private video and email the link to Anne.  She’ll respond by email with recommendations and exercises for you to work on.

Receive instruction and suggestions on a recorded session for $25.

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Request more information about Virtual Lessons and Training by filling in the contact form below.



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